Careers in Medicine

Careers in Medicine

A Career In Medicine Can Be Rewarding

A career in medicine can be very rewarding. The rewards aren’t purely financial although the monetary returns are handsome. The satisfaction of a career in medicine is almost unmatched. Saving a person’s life, taking care of people or contributing positively to a person’s health and wellbeing can be a very satisfying experience. Many people opt for a career in medicine because they want to take care of others. Some opt for such a career because of the money and security while some do so simply because they are good in it. Those who have a penchant for science, especially biology and chemistry, would excel in any branch of medical science.

There are various types of career in medicine. You could be a medical assistant which doesn’t require you to go to medical school. You may become a nurse, which will require training and a certification in your state, or you could go to a medical school. You may become a physician, a surgeon, a dentist or any of the numerous specializations that doctors and healthcare professionals have. You may also opt for multiple specializations. The entry level jobs for any career in medicine starts at around $40,000 a year and it can easily skyrocket and scale above $60,000. There are many specializations in the field of medicine and healthcare where professionals earn around $100,000 a year.

While most people talk about how to become a doctor or how much a registered nurse earns, it is worthwhile to focus on some careers in medicine that are not so oft talked about. Here are some specializations that you may seriously consider.

  • You could become a medical perfusionist. These professionals operate the bypass machine and the likes, which are necessary to maintain and control a person’s respiratory function and circulation at the time of surgery. Medical perfusionists earn more than $90,000 a year. You would need a bachelor’s degree in science followed by a master’s or certification as accredited by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion.
  • You could earn a similar income, in excess of $90,000 a year, by becoming a clinical trial manager. The job of a clinical trial manager is to oversee drug tests and therapies and all trials to ensure that they are conducted properly, in adherence to the regulations stipulated by the FDA. This job is often referred to as clinical research manager. You may need a master’s but usually relevant certification is sufficient.
  • You don’t always have to be a doctor or a surgeon to earn a lot. You can earn up to $90,000 a year by being a healthcare product manager. This job is not strictly medical in nature but more of a manager of business administration, strategy and sales with a specialization in drugs and healthcare products.
  • Transplant coordinators typically make up to $80,000. Any kind of transplant is a complicated procedure and it has a long process of matching people up with appropriate donors, coordinating with multiple organizations, departments and individuals. Usually, you would need a bachelor’s degree in science to become a transplant coordinator. Registered nurses can also develop this specialization.